Multicolor Specialties, Inc. (MSI) is a research-driven company responsible for a variety of unique state-of-the-art products for architectural, industrial and consumer multicolor applications.
Multispec - Paintworks - multi_logoMSI operates two manufacturing plants, one research laboratory and two color development laboratories specializing in multicolor coatings and other special appearance finishes. Multispec architectural products are marketed nationally through an extensive network of contractor-oriented independent paint dealers and paint store chains.


Versatile Multispec multicolors can be coordinated with any color scheme or decor, camouflage or enhance any surface, and be used to achieve a uniform appearance when applied over various building materials. Applied finishes demonstrate excellent resistance to stains, scuffs, chips and scratches. Multispec finishes are long lasting and frequently considered as an alternative to vinyl wallcoverings.
Individual paint colors, like those traditionally used in home decorating, rarely occur alone in nature. Most natural materials have a variegated appearance. The Multispec family of finishes captures the natural, sophisticated look inspired by the timeless beauty of nature’s own multicolors. The result is an illusion of depth and texture that is lacking in conventional colors.

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